The Story Of
The New Era

Phase 0

  • Stealth formation of the core SND Labs team đŸ€«

  • Development of SND post-to-earn tokenomics

  • Development of SND social staking moderation mechanism

  • Development of SND content-to-NFT infrastructure

  • Authoring of SND Whitepaper V1

  • Stealth testnet deployment of the core SND smart contracts 

  • Authoring of the SND docs

  • Deployment of the SND subgraph (Rinkeby)

Phase 1

  • social media & website launch

  • Publication of the SND whitepaper V1

  • Publication of the SND docs

  • Raise seed financing round to accelerate production launch

  • Moderator 0 alpha launch

  • SND testnet DApp launch (Rinkeby)

Phase 2

  • $SND token IDO sale

  • Production launch of Moderator 0

  • SND mainnet DApp launch (Polygon)

  • $SND token DEX listing (Uniswap, Sushiswap and QuickSwap on Polygon)

  • $SND token CEX listing (TBA)

  • Early-adopter airdrop event

  • Onboarding rewards for new users (Layer3 & RabbitHole)

Phase 3

  • Launch of SND mobile app on iOS and Android.

  • Launch of SND Decentralized Advertising (DeAd).
    You own advertisement rights for your SND profile page and you get the ad revenue.

  • Creation of markets to enable the sale of securitized DeAd rights. 

  • Launch of SND Grants program

  • Launch of SND Bring-Your-Own-Algorithm (BYOA) content feed

  • Broader $SND Token CEX Listing (Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc)

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